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Save your sanity & your time to get the body you desire

Save your sanity & your time to get the body you desire

One of the surest and fastest ways to save time and your sanity is by doing less. Often we overwhelm ourselves by trying to accomplish too many tasks in one day, usually never achieving them. Later to find out that you now have tomorrows and yesterdays tasks on your plate. Sooner or later you find yourself off putting the functions and never getting back to them which usually results in an unwanted outcome.

In my field, I have learned that the outcome, most of the time, is reflected in one’s body and health.

When my clients are giving 100% effort, but not seeing 100% of the results, it usually comes from something falling through the cracks. One of the most recurring issues we encounter is time. At Body Sculpting by Emmanuel, we were able to resolve that issue for exercise by creating a 30 min high-intensity interval training program, but what about nutrition.

Fitness is one thing, but we all find it hard to couple it together with the other resources needed to see these types of results:


My goal for today is to tackle one of the most common issues most of us face when it comes to obtaining the actual physical results you desire, you deserve, and you are working so hard for every day.

Time and time again, on weigh-in day when a client comes in and says “hey, I have been following the plan. Why haven’t I have seen results or sufficient results?”, after doing a little troubleshooting to get down to the source, it usually points back to one of the following or a combination of all:

  • I did not have time to meal prep
  • I did not have time to get food during word
  • I did not have time to cook dinner when I got home
  • I did not have time to eat breakfast
  • I did not have time to measure out my portion sizes
  • I did not have time to go grocery shopping
  • moreover, the list goes on

Granted, this is not an exhaustive list of the reasons why someone may not have had much success with his or her blueprint this week, and this issue can often be much more complicated than this (every week we measure all of our clients progress so that we can make tweaks with relevant data). However, this list is something that I can quickly address and problem solves for you today.

Going back to my point above, one of the surest and fastest ways to save time and your sanity is by doing less. You can do less and empower yourself to execute on the most critical parts of your tasks, like eating healthy so that you can achieve the body you desire, just by delegating.

Delegate the tasks that can be done by someone else and focus on the most important tasks that only you can do. When it comes to nutrition; you can delegate grocery shopping and meal prepping. The easiest and less expensive option, for now, is grocery shopping.

One of the ways that I like to delegate my grocery shopping is by ordering it through Peapod, Instacart, or Postmate. However, today, I have found an even better and more cost-effective way – AMAZONFRESH.

With AmazonFresh you get:

  1. Order fresh produce and groceries for same-day and next-day delivery
  2. Shop supermarket essentials and specialties from local shops and markets
  3. Fresh groceries at low prices and get UNLIMITED DELIVERIES

By delegating your grocery shopping task to someone else helps you get to the body that you desire and deserve, by buying you more time which results in:

  • Always having prepped meals for the week
  • You can focus on other tasks that move you forward and can only be completed by you
  • Freedom of mind
  • Less stress = lower cortisol levels (high cortisol levels increases fat storage around the midsection and thighs)
  • You stick to your plan longer
  • You deviate from your plan less
  • You stop craving and giving in to your vices
  • You hit your nutritional timing on point
  • You execute precisely on your dietary plan which eliminates too many variables and allows you to achieve the results you want and gives your nutritionist the ability to make the tweaks needed.

Only take the grocery list you received with your nutrition plan and add it to AmazonFresh and voila!

Grocery shopping may seem like a small thing that doesn’t make a huge difference, but try delegating it for the next two weeks. I guarantee that you will not regret it.

To make things easier and less risky, Amazonfresh has a free 30 Day trial now. Go ahead, give it a try: CLICK HERE

Emmanuel Soba
Body Transformation Expert
Body Sculpting By Emmanuel

Core/ HIIT Cardio @ Fit Camp DC

[FREE] Dance/ BootCamp Class – Sat @ Logan Circle Park

Core/ HIIT Cardio @ Fit Camp DC

Core/ HIIT Cardio @ Fit Camp DC


[FREE] Dance/ BootCamp Class to Support 1st Graders for better ED!

1st Graders Seeking Your Support!

After years of teaching, and going without, we have identified a gap that has the potential to change the trajectory of our 1st graders educational foundation.  Technology.  This one word and the use of it, bridges the gap of the information divide.  It leads to greater knowledge, increased opportunity, and the ability to compete.  In today’s world it means so much.

We need your help. Your donation on Donor’s Choose will make it possible for us to purchase four iPad Minis. Of course we need more, but this will be a wonderful start. All donations are welcome.

Look out for a surprise for all supporters of this cause below! 


My name is Janet Corbitt and I am a 1st Grade teacher at Walker Jones Educational Campus.

We need your support to bridge the information divide with new technology in the classroom. These resources will empower them with the tools to grow, learn, and lead into the future.

If you have children, are a teacher, have ever thought of providing support to children but don’t know how, or just have a heart for wonderful children and want them to receive a better education, please show your support by clicking on our cause on DONOR’S CHOOSE!

Our goal is only $2,500, and I know we can get there with your help.

Click here now to show your support of our future leaders.

As an added bonus to the already amazing feeling you will have for supporting our children of the future, I’m personally inviting you to a free MeetUp on Aug. 12, 2017 where you’ll get to experience DC’s top fitness and body transformation expert, Emmanuel Soba.

Emmanuel has agreed to give you a FREE Fit Camp DC workout and a 14 Day Fat Furnace meal plan and cleanse that you can start implementing right away!

The workout is 30-mins of high intensity, calorie crushing, fat burning exercises that motivate you to the tune of exhilarating music!

I will see you on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 9:00am at Logan Circle for your FREE Fit Camp DC workout.

See you soon,

Janet 🙂


Operation Turbo 5K Race – Washington, D.C.

Local Fairfax, VA Attorney Karin Riley Porter is sponsoring the Washington D.C. Operation Turbo 5K race and is encouraging members of the community to participate.

Proceeds from the race will help to deliver care packages, or “little boxes of home” as they call it, to our deployed U.S. military troops.

This is a perfect opportunity for community members to come together and run for a deserving cause on August 13, 2017, in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Make sure to stop by our booth for a chance to grab well-earned swag bags after enduring a long run! For more information on the race and to register, visit our website here.

How Flexible Are You?

How Flexible Are You?

How Flexible Are You

In order to avoid injury, you need to be flexible. Flexibility training improves your range of motion and helps prevent serious injuries. I was watching a college football game with a young female friend of mine. After the third injury to a member of one team, she announced the team needed a new trainer and they weren’t working hard enough on range of motion. While I knew she was an avid sports fan, I thought it was more statistics and rules, but she knew what it took to be fit and was absolutely right!

Stretching exercises before a workout warms the muscles by getting the blood flowing and makes them more flexible.

Dynamic stretching not only helps prevent injury, but also may improve your performance. Dynamic stretching exercises mean you’re doing movements similar to those you’ll be doing when you exercise and working on specific muscle groups, such as runners doing lunges. You’re constantly on the move with dynamic stretches, so they provide some cardio too. Think of touching your toes. The first time you try, no matter how fit you are, it’s a bit of a stress, each time it gets easier.

Flexibility training is more than just stretching before a workout. It’s an integral part of the workout.

Just as my young female friend said, those football players needed more range of motion exercises, another term for flexibility training. If you’re tight, you’ll end up on the bench because of muscle strains and pulls. In everyday life, stretching also helps keep you fitter. If you’re ever had a situation where you “turned just right” and ended with severe back pain, improved range of motion and more strength might have prevented the injury.

Stretching exercises after a workout can help relieve some of the tension in the muscles.

When you do stretching exercises both before and after a workout, you’re doing two things for your muscles. The pre-workout stretching helps prepare the muscle groups and the post stretching helps relieve the stress built up in the muscle groups and eliminate a lot of the post workout aches and pains.

The older you get, the more important stretching becomes. The body tissue loses elasticity, which includes tendons and ligaments. Stretching helps maintain the joint’s range of motion and also sends nutrients to the tissues.

If you’re participating in a sport or just want to look more fluid when you walk, stretching can help you improve your balance and coordination.

You can do specific exercises for stretching or do exercises that work on several types of fitness at once, such as kettlebells.

Yoga is one form of exercise that improves flexibility, but so is dancing. Both of these involve stretching the muscle groups to improve the body’s range of motion.

How To Work In 30 Minutes Of Cardio

How To Work In 30 Minutes Of Cardio

30 Minutes of Cardio


Insuring you get at least 30 Minutes of Cardio every day can be hard, particularly if you’re like many people and have a packed schedule. Many clients have told me ways they add a cardio workout to the days they aren’t in the gym and don’t destroy their already busy timetable. Some are very unique, but seem to work well for the individual. Other ways are more well known, but again, work like a charm to tuck in the extra time for endurance training.

List daily jobs around the house that don’t require precision and ones you can do relatively quickly.

One client came up with an ingenious idea. She had many mindless jobs around the house that she could do with her eyes closed, but also ones that required a bit of exertion. On the days she didn’t work out at the gym, she made a list of the tasks. In her case, she had a basement and second floor home, with her washer and dryer in the basement. On one off day she would have: pick up dirty clothes, do laundry, vacuum floors and dust or wash walls, with different list for another day. She’d literally run through these tasks and time herself. She’d pick the clothing up on the top floor and run it to the basement to wash, running back to the main floor to vacuum while she did, then back down to the basement to throw clothing in the dryer. You probably get the picture by now. While this one was unorthodox, it worked well for her and she managed to clean her home faster than ever.

Get up a half hour to an hour early for a brisk jog or other cardio.

It’s not easy to get up early, particularly if you’ve gone to bed late, but it is doable. If you’re not fond of being the early bird, consider a brisk walk at lunch hour if you work in an office or walking to the store if you’re a stay at home parent or work out of your home. I know some people that live a “doable” distance from the grocery who take time each week to walk there for a few items and walk home, making certain to time themselves each time and improve on their own personal best.

Play with the kids.

This is by far my very favorite. Not only are you scheduling time for exercise, you’re having fun with your children and encourage them to lead a more active lifestyle. Whether you play tag, basketball or race each other to the corner and back—best 20 out of 30—you’ll be boosting your own energy level, having fun with your children and making memories. It’s the ultimate in multitasking.

Shop ’till you drop isn’t just a saying if you park a distance from the store and speed through your shopping. You’ll get cardiovascular exercise, while also saving gas, since you won’t be circling the lot looking for the best parking spot.

Take the stairs, particularly if it’s several flights. If you work on a higher floor, shun the elevator and take the stairs. Running up and down the stairwells for a half hour on your lunch time can also be another way to get exercise at work.

Go dancing. There’s nothing more invigorating than spending a half hour of fast dancing. It boosts your heart rate. You don’t need a ballroom. Grab your significant other and push back the coffee table so you can dance in the living room. You really don’t even need a partner to do it.

Do a lap or two around the pool. If you have access to a place to swim, there’s nothing better. It burns calories without stressing joints.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Getting the most out of life can start when you challenge yourself. No matter what type of goal you set, making it one that excites you can help you to be more resolute on achieving it. Setting high goals is fun and helps you get your juices flowing, but you still need to make them attainable. That’s why big goals should always be broken down to small steps. You wouldn’t expect to run a mile in under ten minutes if you’re a female past the age of 60 and out of shape, but you might be able to do it after working out for a while.

First find out where you are and then go from there.

If you want to set a financial goal, you first need to know how much money or debt you have, your expendable income and where you’re spending your money. You also need to know information before you start a fitness goal. You need to first find out what your present level of fitness is. Only by knowing where you’re at, can you identify where you want to go. If one of your goals is to build more endurance, you need to find out how far you can run or how long you can exercise at top speed before your body begs for you stop. A personal trainer can help you identify your present level of fitness.

Set a big goal, but break it down to smaller benchmarks.

If you want to run a seven minute mile, but you can’t even manage a mile in ten minutes, you have to set mini goals to keep you interested and dedicated to improving your time. First, to make your goal as challenging as possible, you want to set a time frame. You might start by working toward that ten minute mile and give yourself a month to achieve it if you’re not even close. Once you’ve achieved that milestone, aim for a nine minute mile. A personal trainer will help you set big, overall goals and break them down to mini-goals.

Weight loss might involve setting several types of goals.

If you want to lose weight, you need to change your eating habits to healthier ones and exercise regularly. The new healthy way of eating lowers your intake of calories and the exercise helps burn the excess calories. Just as with any goal, setting mini-goals and outlining the steps to get there are the way to achieve a larger weight loss goal. You might make small changes, such as having a healthy snack available or switching to wild rice instead of white rice can lower your overall caloric intake. Making one change won’t save a huge amount of calories, but making a lot of them will.

Stay focused on what your overall big goal is, but don’t forget to congratulate yourself on achieving the smaller goals along the way. Going from not being able to do one push-up to doing five in a row is a huge accomplishment and you deserve to feel good about it.

Don’t neglect other areas in your life to achieve your special goal. Everyone needs to have a well-balanced life that includes family, friends, good health and quiet personal time.

Make sure you reward yourself for achieving a goal. The reward could be anything from buying a new outfit to treating yourself and spouse to a night on the town dancing.

Don’t forget to include plenty of rest as part of your healthier lifestyle. Your body needs downtime and sleep to repair itself and rejuvenate. Downtime is often neglected today and dismissed as lazy or unimportant, when in reality it’s a keystone to good health.

Be Realistic

Be Realistic

Be Realistic

Setting any goal is a step in the right direction, but you have to be realistic if you want to achieve it. If your goal were financial, saving a million dollars in a year would be outrageous if you only earned $40,000 a year. Even saving $20,000 would be far too high, unless you had absolutely no expenses. The same holds true for fitness. If you want to lose 50 pounds, don’t set an unrealistic goal of shedding that weight in a month. Not only is it almost impossible, it would be unhealthy if you actually managed to come close.

Break down a larger goal into smaller ones you can achieve in a relatively short time.

Rather than going for the gusto, try breaking down the goal to smaller ones you can achieve easier. Start with a goal of losing ten pounds and make a month your time frame. It’s an achievable goal that won’t be easy, but still will be within reason. Once you’ve achieved that goal, set up the next one. You might make it twenty pounds in two months or stick with the original ten pounds a month.

The more you workout and the healthier you learn to eat, the easier it is to reach fitness goals.

Not everyone wants to lose weight, some people just want to be fitter and have more endurance and strength. No matter what your fitness goal, learning to eat healthier and exercising regularly can help you achieve it. Best of all, it gets easier the longer you practice those two things. You’ll find ways to cut calories and increase nutrients the more focused you are on your eating habits. You’ll also find workouts easier even though you’re probably doing more each workout. As you build strength and stamina, you’ll be more active in everyday life too.

You’ll burn more calories 24/7 as you become fitter.

Muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does. While you’ll burn more calories when you workout, you’ll also be building more muscle tissue. That means you’ll be burning more calories 24/7 as it replaces the fat tissue on your body. That’s a boost in metabolism that helps you lose weight even faster. As you progress on your goals, you’ll be able to increase the weight loss goal or decrease the amount of time to lose it.

If you’re unsure how to set a goal or even what your goal should be, seek help from a trainer who will not only help you set the goals, but also design a plan to help you achieve them.

Never give up. Sometimes when we think we’re failing, but continue to stay on course, we see the most dramatic improvement. Track your progress and know you’ll accomplish your goals if you’re following your plan.

Make sure you include other important healthy habits, such as adequate sleep and drinking plenty of fluids.

Some people sign up for group training to help them get started. These groups are often led by personal trainers who will aid you in goal setting and creating a plan of action.

Do You Need A Customized Workout?

Do You Need A Customized Workout?

Not everyone needs a customized workout to see results, but to see the maximum results everyone benefits from a personalized workout plan. That’s why working with a personal trainer can get you into shape faster. A personal trainer designs a workout plan specifically geared for your needs, goals and level of fitness. A good trainer always identifies your fitness level first, including any weak muscle groups, listens to your special needs and fitness goals before he or she designs a customized plan.

Everyone has a different level of fitness and different problem areas.

You would never expect a couch potato to suddenly be able to do dozens of one handed push-ups or a super buff individual to do a routine meant for those new to workouts. Insuring you have an appropriate workout is part of the reason you use a personal trainer. It has to be work you hard enough to see results but still not be beyond your capabilities. Identifying weaker muscle groups and working to build their strength can also prevent injury. Some people need more work in areas of strength, while others need to focus on flexibility, making a customized plan a huge benefit.

You may have a special need.

If you travel frequently and spend a lot of time in hotels across the country, you have a special need. A trainer can show you ways to exercise while on the road if your hotel doesn’t have a workout room. If you’ve had an injury or weak needs, you need a customized program too. A good trainer will adjust the way you do specific exercises to prevent further injury.

Everyone has a different goal.

You might want to be stronger, have more endurance, lose weight or improve flexibility, but your ultimate goal may be to gain bulk or improve your sports performance. That’s why customized workouts are important. Someone who wants to improve sports performance won’t have the same type of workout as a person who wants to shed those last few pounds.

You’ll get the results you want when you have a customized workout plan because it’s designed specifically with you in mind.

You can schedule a time to workout that fits with your schedule, rather than you having to adjust your schedule when you work with a personal trainer.

A customized workout may include nutritional information to help you eat healthier.

When you work with a personal trainer that offers customized workouts, you’ll get plenty of personal attention and more immediate results that keep you motivated.

Are You A Gladiator

Are You A Gladiator

Are you a gladiator? If you’re faced with challenges and stresses that can come with everyday living, you need to be. The gladiators of old Rome were the rock stars of their day because they represented courage, strength, determination and an icy cool disposition in the face of danger. Those same traits are still respected and appreciated in today’s world. You don’t have to enter an arena or face death by an opponent to develop them either. You can build them by improving your fitness level.

When you build your strength, you build your confidence.

Men and women alike benefit from building their body strength. You don’t have to build bulky muscles. In fact, building strength may firm and tone your muscles without adding bulk, particularly in women. The stronger you are, the more confident you become. It’s the self-assurance that occurs when you become fitter that makes the difference. You’ll have more confidence and it will show.

You’ll boost your energy level with a regularly scheduled workout program.

Gladiators never seemed tired in the arena. Your workplace or home is your arena and you need to be totally focused on all your responsibilities. Regular exercise boosts your energy level so you’ll be more alert, no matter what time of day. It boosts your cognitive thinking and gives you the extra energy you need to accomplish all of your tasks without breaking a sweat. Just like the gladiators of old Rome, you’ll be admired and respected for your achievements.

You’ll simply look better and more capable.

While it may not seem fair, people who look good are often perceived as more efficient, smarter and more capable than others. Overweight people are often perceived as lazier than those who are fit. Getting gladiator fit will make people perceive you differently. Even though you may work hard all the time, others will begin to notice your efforts and make note of it. You’ll be amazed at the difference becoming fit can make in your life.

Gladiators were ranked by their abilities. Some were at the top of their game and got honors and were rewarded for it. Striving to be the best in all things, including fitness, makes you a gladiator.

You need more than just exercise to be your best. Gladiators ate diets that were mostly plant based, which is healthy by today’s standards. Eating healthy can help make you gladiator fit.

When you workout to the maximum of your capabilities, you develop mental toughness. Mental toughness is the ability to continue beyond the point where others might have quit. It helps in any facet of life.

Tracking your fitness progress helps keep you motivated. Winners keep score.

Do You Know What Foods To Eat?

Do You Know What Foods To Eat?

Do You Know What Foods to Eat

Do you know what foods to eat to achieve the fitness results you want? Frankly, with all the hype and quick weight loss diets on the internet, it’s hard to figure out what’s good for you and what will help you shed pounds. You may have tried a number of “fad” diets and ate all the cabbage soup or magic potions you can handle and still have a weight problem. There’s a good reason for that. Diets, particularly fad diets, don’t work.

Fad diets are the worst type of dieting.

If you’re only eating one type of food for several weeks, with your intake of calories severely restricted, your body reacts by going into starvation mode. Starvation mode slows the metabolism, which means when you start eating normally, you’ll gain weight even easier. Not only that, you’ll be robbing your body of important nutrients necessary for good health and it also takes a toll on your mental attitude and overall appearance.

Even healthy dieting doesn’t work.

You might try dieting using a well balanced diet that’s just lower in calories. You’ll might even lose weight. However, as with any type of special diet, it’s doomed to failure because it’s rigid, restrictive and always ends. Then you go back to your normal eating pattern that put the weight on in the first place. While you have a good start with a healthy diet, there’s a better way to lose weight.

Learning to eat healthier is the only thing that works.

Even though you know that fact, what is healthier eating? We’ve gained so much more knowledge on the role that nutrition plays in good health and somethings, such as the food pyramid, that were accepted as the holy grail of good health are not any more. Getting expert help is important. Sometimes healthier eating is just a matter of substituting one food for another. For instance, you can top off your potato, but make it Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It tastes just as good, but is lower in calories and a healthy addition to a meal.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you only consume sticks of celery and tofu. Most people who first learn how to eat healthier are amazed at how great the food tastes.

You’ll never be hungry when you learn how to eat healthier. Healthy eating includes healthy snacking. Learning how to plan for those midday hunger pangs is part of the training.

Did you know herbs and spices add more than just flavor to a meal? They also add vital nutrients. More and more studies show that herbs can be powerful when it comes to good health. They also make you feel like you’re eating in a gourmet restaurant every meal.

Some foods do more than just help you lose weight. Some foods can help prevent serious diseases. Studies show that blueberries or other fruits and vegetables with deep blue, red or purple colors can help prevent serious conditions, including some forms of cancer. New research is available all the time and an expert can help you by keeping you abreast.