Challenge Yourself

Getting the most out of life can start when you challenge yourself. No matter what type of goal you set, making it one that excites you can help you to be more resolute on achieving it. Setting high goals is fun and helps you get your juices flowing, but you still need to make them attainable. That’s why big goals should always be broken down to small steps. You wouldn’t expect to run a mile in under ten minutes if you’re a female past the age of 60 and out of shape, but you might be able to do it after working out for a while.

First find out where you are and then go from there.

If you want to set a financial goal, you first need to know how much money or debt you have, your expendable income and where you’re spending your money. You also need to know information before you start a fitness goal. You need to first find out what your present level of fitness is. Only by knowing where you’re at, can you identify where you want to go. If one of your goals is to build more endurance, you need to find out how far you can run or how long you can exercise at top speed before your body begs for you stop. A personal trainer can help you identify your present level of fitness.

Set a big goal, but break it down to smaller benchmarks.

If you want to run a seven minute mile, but you can’t even manage a mile in ten minutes, you have to set mini goals to keep you interested and dedicated to improving your time. First, to make your goal as challenging as possible, you want to set a time frame. You might start by working toward that ten minute mile and give yourself a month to achieve it if you’re not even close. Once you’ve achieved that milestone, aim for a nine minute mile. A personal trainer will help you set big, overall goals and break them down to mini-goals.

Weight loss might involve setting several types of goals.

If you want to lose weight, you need to change your eating habits to healthier ones and exercise regularly. The new healthy way of eating lowers your intake of calories and the exercise helps burn the excess calories. Just as with any goal, setting mini-goals and outlining the steps to get there are the way to achieve a larger weight loss goal. You might make small changes, such as having a healthy snack available or switching to wild rice instead of white rice can lower your overall caloric intake. Making one change won’t save a huge amount of calories, but making a lot of them will.

Stay focused on what your overall big goal is, but don’t forget to congratulate yourself on achieving the smaller goals along the way. Going from not being able to do one push-up to doing five in a row is a huge accomplishment and you deserve to feel good about it.

Don’t neglect other areas in your life to achieve your special goal. Everyone needs to have a well-balanced life that includes family, friends, good health and quiet personal time.

Make sure you reward yourself for achieving a goal. The reward could be anything from buying a new outfit to treating yourself and spouse to a night on the town dancing.

Don’t forget to include plenty of rest as part of your healthier lifestyle. Your body needs downtime and sleep to repair itself and rejuvenate. Downtime is often neglected today and dismissed as lazy or unimportant, when in reality it’s a keystone to good health.

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