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DC’s body transformation expert, Emmanuel Soba, now offers customized styles of high-intensity workouts. Kick-start your plan to get in the best shape of your life. Join like-minded participants at one of Fit Camp DC’s five workout programs and get lean, tight, and toned.

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    Rapid FL 30
    Rapid Fat Loss in 30 Minutes or Less

    Rapid Fat Loss in 30 Minutes or Less (Rapid FL 30) is the boot camp for busy professionals and parents with hectic schedules. Emmanuel has strategically designed this program to burn fat with workouts of 30 minutes or less. The intensity triggers your “fight or flight” hormones and gives a super-boost to your metabolism. The outdoor program will run on a flexible early morning and/or afternoon time slot depending on the time preference of the participants (25 maximum per class). Rapid FL 30 includes an individually customized, step-by-step meal plan and instructions that to maximize your results by helping you make nutrition and activity decisions when you are not with your trainer.

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    Gladiator Challenge
    (Coming Soon!)

    We all face battles on a daily basis—some small and some large. Fit Camp DC’s Gladiator Challenge will get you in the best shape of your life so that you can face those challenges head on. With a unique ranking system, the Gladiator Challenge provides a system that rewards you for reaching your goals and then pushes you to ramp it up to reach your next level of fitness. In ancient Rome, successful gladiators could achieve celebrity status among the higher classes and were considered brave, disciplined, and faithful. Like them, as a Fit Camp gladiator, you will ascend through a series of grades marking your fitness level until you reach your Elite Gladiator status. To give you the tools you need to advance, Fit Camp DC provides a personal fitness plan complete with a weekly guide and a daily food journal. Plus, you will gain access to an online portal to track your progress, post before and after pictures, and customize your nutrition plan. The camp is lead by a certified personal trainer who guides you through your gladiator challenge, helps you achieve results, and pushes you to climb through the ranks. At 30 minutes per session, the most active and consistent participants will reach the highest level within four weeks, and most can reach that level in three months. LET THE BATTLES BEGIN!


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    Bride-to-be Fit

    Bride-to-be Fit (Brial Fit Camp) is COMING SOON! Getting married in 2015 and want to look your best at the wedding? Bride to be Fit will guide you in your transformation so that wedding dress will be a perfect fit and you will look and feel amazing on your honeymoon. Your schedule is hectic with lots to do ahead of the big day. We have developed Bride to be Fit especially for you, knowing that preparing for a wedding comes with hectic and stressful schedules that can throw off a fitness plan. Join other brides-to-be for 30-minute workouts designed to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Those “fight-or-flight” hormones will kick in during your sessions to maximize the fat burn. Our boot camps use the perfect combination of exercises, workout intensity, and tempo to help you burn maximum fat and calories during your half-hour sessions. This program also tones and strengthens your muscles as it flattens your stomach, sculpts your buns and legs, and reshapes your shoulders and arms. When you have achieved your goals, Bride to be Fit provides a complementary professional photo session by top photographer Len Depas. You will also be eligible for a special discount for a professional wedding photo shoot and post-wedding body maintenance program with Fit Camp DC. Join other brides in a quest to look your best and gain the confidence you need for your wedding day. With cameras flashing and all eyes on you, leave the “fight or flight” at the training sessios and walk down the aisle like a “Runway Bride.”

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    Corporate Punishment Fit Camp
    (Coming Soon!)

    Successful companies recognize that having a healthy staff helps boost productivity and increases employee retention rates. Corporate Punishment Fit Camp gives your employees 15-minute workouts to keep them fit amid hectic work demands that sometimes mean long hours at the office. Programs can run before the day starts, during lunch breaks, and/or at the end of the day. Using a modified program that combines high intensity interval training with functional resistance training, Corporate Punishment Fit Camp will trigger a state of elevated metabolism that lasts long after a workout is completed. So not only will participants benefit from the intensity of the actual workout, they will maintain a higher metabolism even after they finish. Companies that partner with Fit Camp DC help promote a healthy work place and keep staff morale high. Having a fitness program as a staff benefit also helps lower insurance costs. This boot camp is designed to keep employees engaged. Fit Camp DC makes it convenient: a trainer comes to you, so employees are more likely to participate. The program utilizes a set of unique systems, challenges, games, and team-building, and we work closely with the employers and stay involved throughout the life of the program. With a personal trainer on site, Corporate Punishment Fit Camp brings true accountability and motivation to help your staff get and stay fit and healthy.

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    Boot and Shoot
    (Boudoir Photo-Ready Fit Camp - Coming Soon!)

    Is your typical gym workout not helping you reach your next level of fitness? Boot and Shoot will get you there. Designed for women who want to look their best in their birthday suit, Boot and Shoot uses the Fit Camp DC 30-minute workouts to get you in the best shape of your life and rewards you with a professional boudoir photo shoot when you reach your goals. The typical gym workout with weight machines, aerobics classes, treadmills, and elliptical machines do not make the most of your efforts. Boot to Shoot will be more challenging and we will keep the intensity high to help you get the most fat loss and calorie burning from every workout. But we will also keep the workouts fun and adjust them to your individual fitness level so you do not have to worry about not being able to keep up with everyone else. The high-intensity interval training boosts your metabolism in a targeted way to maximize the benefits of the effort you put in. You will want to capture it visually when you reach that level of fitness that has been eluding you. The Boot and Shoot program partners with professional photographer, Len Depas, so that you can reward yourself with a “boudoir photo shoot,” and you will have a tasteful, sexy photo package to keep you motivated and remind yourself (and others!) what it looks like and feels like to be in great shape.

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