[FREE] Dance/ BootCamp Class – Sat @ Logan Circle Park

Core/ HIIT Cardio @ Fit Camp DC

Core/ HIIT Cardio @ Fit Camp DC


[FREE] Dance/ BootCamp Class to Support 1st Graders for better ED!

1st Graders Seeking Your Support!

After years of teaching, and going without, we have identified a gap that has the potential to change the trajectory of our 1st graders educational foundation.  Technology.  This one word and the use of it, bridges the gap of the information divide.  It leads to greater knowledge, increased opportunity, and the ability to compete.  In today’s world it means so much.

We need your help. Your donation on Donor’s Choose will make it possible for us to purchase four iPad Minis. Of course we need more, but this will be a wonderful start. All donations are welcome.

Look out for a surprise for all supporters of this cause below! 


My name is Janet Corbitt and I am a 1st Grade teacher at Walker Jones Educational Campus.

We need your support to bridge the information divide with new technology in the classroom. These resources will empower them with the tools to grow, learn, and lead into the future.

If you have children, are a teacher, have ever thought of providing support to children but don’t know how, or just have a heart for wonderful children and want them to receive a better education, please show your support by clicking on our cause on DONOR’S CHOOSE!

Our goal is only $2,500, and I know we can get there with your help.

Click here now to show your support of our future leaders.

As an added bonus to the already amazing feeling you will have for supporting our children of the future, I’m personally inviting you to a free MeetUp on Aug. 12, 2017 where you’ll get to experience DC’s top fitness and body transformation expert, Emmanuel Soba.

Emmanuel has agreed to give you a FREE Fit Camp DC workout and a 14 Day Fat Furnace meal plan and cleanse that you can start implementing right away!

The workout is 30-mins of high intensity, calorie crushing, fat burning exercises that motivate you to the tune of exhilarating music!

I will see you on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 9:00am at Logan Circle for your FREE Fit Camp DC workout.

See you soon,

Janet 🙂


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