Frustrated With Your Workout Results

If you’re frustrated with your workout results and feel like you’re on a treadmill leading nowhere, it’s time to take action and make some changes. Even if your best friend got great results from a specific program, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results. That’s because each person is unique. Everyone has different issues they face and different levels of fitness. Each person has his or her own personal physical abilities, goals and even lifestyle challenges. Of course, health histories also vary widely. That’s why settling for a “one-size-fits-all” workout program may not give you the results you hoped to achieve, no matter how hard you work it.

A personalized program starts with a fitness assessment.

A personal trainer that’s competent first assesses your fitness level before he or she starts any training. The assessment not only considers overall fitness, but also focuses on strengths and weaknesses of different muscle groups. That can be extremely important, particularly if you’re the type of person who pushes toward perfection. If a muscle group is underdeveloped, it may depend on a different group of muscles to do the work it should be doing. That can create too much stress on that group, particularly if you’re pushing yourself to the limit. It can cause injury that will set you back for months. A personal trainer will identify those weaknesses and work to build the muscle so it does the work it was meant to do.

Not all fitness programs achieve the same goals.

Everyone has different fitness goals. Some people want to lose weight and tone the body while others may want to build more muscle mass. Believe it or not, some people exercise to gain weight. Of course, they combine it with dietary changes to achieve the goal. Everyone has a different “ideal” and only a personalized plan can address the goal and aid in achieving it. If you’re tired of going to the gym and moving from one machine to another, without ever seeing results, you need a body/goal specific plan created for you by a personal trainer.

You may need to push harder.

Pushing your body to the limit can be scary, particularly when so few of us know exactly where our limit is. If you don’t have the proper training, pushing it to the limit can result in injury and that can set you back for months. Using expert advice, such as that from a fitness guru who has already tested our muscle groups, you can push your body to the limit with the knowledge you aren’t risking injury. A fitness expert, such as a personal trainer can help you achieve peak performance.

If weight loss is slow or negligible, consider a personalized training that combines exercise with dietary information. Losing weight isn’t just about burning calories, but also eating fewer calories. That comes from healthier eating.

Sometimes there are roadblocks and plateaus when you exercise. A personal trainer can help you identify those plateaus as temporary and help you get past them. You’ll stay more motivated.

Working harder isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it’s the type of exercises you do or the combination of exercises that can make a huge difference in success and failure.

Look for a money back guarantee. Only trainers who are confident in their skills offer a guarantee.

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