How To Work In 30 Minutes Of Cardio

30 Minutes of Cardio


Insuring you get at least 30 Minutes of Cardio every day can be hard, particularly if you’re like many people and have a packed schedule. Many clients have told me ways they add a cardio workout to the days they aren’t in the gym and don’t destroy their already busy timetable. Some are very unique, but seem to work well for the individual. Other ways are more well known, but again, work like a charm to tuck in the extra time for endurance training.

List daily jobs around the house that don’t require precision and ones you can do relatively quickly.

One client came up with an ingenious idea. She had many mindless jobs around the house that she could do with her eyes closed, but also ones that required a bit of exertion. On the days she didn’t work out at the gym, she made a list of the tasks. In her case, she had a basement and second floor home, with her washer and dryer in the basement. On one off day she would have: pick up dirty clothes, do laundry, vacuum floors and dust or wash walls, with different list for another day. She’d literally run through these tasks and time herself. She’d pick the clothing up on the top floor and run it to the basement to wash, running back to the main floor to vacuum while she did, then back down to the basement to throw clothing in the dryer. You probably get the picture by now. While this one was unorthodox, it worked well for her and she managed to clean her home faster than ever.

Get up a half hour to an hour early for a brisk jog or other cardio.

It’s not easy to get up early, particularly if you’ve gone to bed late, but it is doable. If you’re not fond of being the early bird, consider a brisk walk at lunch hour if you work in an office or walking to the store if you’re a stay at home parent or work out of your home. I know some people that live a “doable” distance from the grocery who take time each week to walk there for a few items and walk home, making certain to time themselves each time and improve on their own personal best.

Play with the kids.

This is by far my very favorite. Not only are you scheduling time for exercise, you’re having fun with your children and encourage them to lead a more active lifestyle. Whether you play tag, basketball or race each other to the corner and back—best 20 out of 30—you’ll be boosting your own energy level, having fun with your children and making memories. It’s the ultimate in multitasking.

Shop ’till you drop isn’t just a saying if you park a distance from the store and speed through your shopping. You’ll get cardiovascular exercise, while also saving gas, since you won’t be circling the lot looking for the best parking spot.

Take the stairs, particularly if it’s several flights. If you work on a higher floor, shun the elevator and take the stairs. Running up and down the stairwells for a half hour on your lunch time can also be another way to get exercise at work.

Go dancing. There’s nothing more invigorating than spending a half hour of fast dancing. It boosts your heart rate. You don’t need a ballroom. Grab your significant other and push back the coffee table so you can dance in the living room. You really don’t even need a partner to do it.

Do a lap or two around the pool. If you have access to a place to swim, there’s nothing better. It burns calories without stressing joints.

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