Look Amazing In Your Wedding Dress

Look Amazing in Your Wedding Dress

Every wedding, even small ones, take a lot of work and planning, which can leave you stressed and exhausted. That stress can lead to all types of problems from overeating to illness. It definitely doesn’t help your appearance in any manner,either. Even when things go well, you also want to look dazzling, which may require shedding a few extra pounds or inches. That’s not a problem even if you only have a few weeks left. You can look amazing in your wedding dress by taking a few hours each week before the wedding to exercise.

Losing weight before your wedding shouldn’t involve starving yourself.

You may be tempted to go on a starvation diet that consists of water and celery or (UGH) only sauerkraut juice. While you might shed a few pounds, you’ll feel AND look horrible from that type of crash dieting. The results you may get don’t last long either. When you crash diet, your body goes into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism to preserve calories. Once you quit the diet, you gain weight back rapidly. This type of dieting also adds additional stress to your life at a time when you already have way too much.

Exercise does more than sculpt your body and help you lose weight.

A routine of regular exercise not only can help you shed pounds, while firming and sculpting your body, it also helps burn off the stress hormones created at this hectic time. Stress hormones can take their toll on your body leaving you appearing exhausted and frazzled, which isn’t a good look. Regular exercise can help you cleanse out toxins in perspiration, increase your circulation to give you a glow and help you sleep better at night, besides whittling your body down to perfection.

Eat healthier as part of your plan.

Starving yourself won’t do the trick, unless you’re going for a haggard look for your wedding day, but eating healthy combined with regular exercise can shave those pounds off quickly and also improve your complexion and health. Eating healthy isn’t dieting, but rather making smarter choices when it comes to food. Just like regular exercise, a healthy diet clears your complexion and gives you a glow, improves your disposition, helps you sleep better at night and helps you look stunning in your wedding gown.

You’ll be ready for the honeymoon when you get into shape. Regular exercise makes you look sexy, while also making you feel sexier by helping to balance the body’s sex hormones.

Regular exercise boosts the body’s production of HGH—human growth hormone—the same hormone that many people believe is the key to youth and even pay thousands of dollars for a single injection.

You’ll feel happier when you exercise before your wedding day. Part of the reason bride’s are so beautiful is that they radiate happiness. Not only does an exercise program shave off pounds as it burns off stress hormones, it also boosts the production hormones that make you feel content and happy.

You’ll walk taller after a few weeks of regular exercise. Your posture plays an important role in how you look and exercise can improve it.

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