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One of the surest and fastest ways to save time and your sanity is by doing less. Often we overwhelm ourselves by trying to accomplish too many tasks in one day, usually never achieving them. Later to find out that you now have tomorrows and yesterdays tasks on your plate. Sooner or later you find yourself off putting the functions and never getting back to them which usually results in an unwanted outcome.

In my field, I have learned that the outcome, most of the time, is reflected in one’s body and health.

When my clients are giving 100% effort, but not seeing 100% of the results, it usually comes from something falling through the cracks. One of the most recurring issues we encounter is time. At Body Sculpting by Emmanuel, we were able to resolve that issue for exercise by creating a 30 min high-intensity interval training program, but what about nutrition.

Fitness is one thing, but we all find it hard to couple it together with the other resources needed to see these types of results:


My goal for today is to tackle one of the most common issues most of us face when it comes to obtaining the actual physical results you desire, you deserve, and you are working so hard for every day.

Time and time again, on weigh-in day when a client comes in and says “hey, I have been following the plan. Why haven’t I have seen results or sufficient results?”, after doing a little troubleshooting to get down to the source, it usually points back to one of the following or a combination of all:

  • I did not have time to meal prep
  • I did not have time to get food during word
  • I did not have time to cook dinner when I got home
  • I did not have time to eat breakfast
  • I did not have time to measure out my portion sizes
  • I did not have time to go grocery shopping
  • moreover, the list goes on

Granted, this is not an exhaustive list of the reasons why someone may not have had much success with his or her blueprint this week, and this issue can often be much more complicated than this (every week we measure all of our clients progress so that we can make tweaks with relevant data). However, this list is something that I can quickly address and problem solves for you today.

Going back to my point above, one of the surest and fastest ways to save time and your sanity is by doing less. You can do less and empower yourself to execute on the most critical parts of your tasks, like eating healthy so that you can achieve the body you desire, just by delegating.

Delegate the tasks that can be done by someone else and focus on the most important tasks that only you can do. When it comes to nutrition; you can delegate grocery shopping and meal prepping. The easiest and less expensive option, for now, is grocery shopping.

One of the ways that I like to delegate my grocery shopping is by ordering it through Peapod, Instacart, or Postmate. However, today, I have found an even better and more cost-effective way – AMAZONFRESH.

With AmazonFresh you get:

  1. Order fresh produce and groceries for same-day and next-day delivery
  2. Shop supermarket essentials and specialties from local shops and markets
  3. Fresh groceries at low prices and get UNLIMITED DELIVERIES

By delegating your grocery shopping task to someone else helps you get to the body that you desire and deserve, by buying you more time which results in:

  • Always having prepped meals for the week
  • You can focus on other tasks that move you forward and can only be completed by you
  • Freedom of mind
  • Less stress = lower cortisol levels (high cortisol levels increases fat storage around the midsection and thighs)
  • You stick to your plan longer
  • You deviate from your plan less
  • You stop craving and giving in to your vices
  • You hit your nutritional timing on point
  • You execute precisely on your dietary plan which eliminates too many variables and allows you to achieve the results you want and gives your nutritionist the ability to make the tweaks needed.

Only take the grocery list you received with your nutrition plan and add it to AmazonFresh and voila!

Grocery shopping may seem like a small thing that doesn’t make a huge difference, but try delegating it for the next two weeks. I guarantee that you will not regret it.

To make things easier and less risky, Amazonfresh has a free 30 Day trial now. Go ahead, give it a try: CLICK HERE

Emmanuel Soba
Body Transformation Expert
Body Sculpting By Emmanuel

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