Success Stories

    Testimonial Picture of Katy Ross (2)
    Katy Ross

    Emmanuel is the BEST there is! First and foremost, he knows his stuff! From fitness to nutrition he is at the top of his game. I started working with him a year ago at Fit camp in the month leading up to my wedding. I had already lost 8 lbs when I joined Fit Camp, and tightened and toned the whole month long. So much so that my seamstress was still taking in my wedding dress the day before my wedding! I came back a little less than a year later for some one-on-one sessions and he kicked my butt! Emmanuel is a great motivator, trainer, and person. It would be a mistake to train with anyone else!

    Testimonial Picture of Kate Bollinger (2)
    Kate Bollinger

    I had always been an athlete and really into working out but I still wasn’t at the fitness level I wanted to achieve and I had some areas I wanted to tone. I began working with Emmanuel and everything got really tight and firm and my strength and endurance became so much better. He is very motivational and he will push you to your limits. I have had the opportunity to work with several trainers and he is by far the best. I guess that is why he got voted DC’s #1 Personal Trainer.

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    Bindhu Parmathi

    Official Body Sculptor for Miss DC 2013 a Miss America Contestant.

    Lee Ann H.

    3On Monday of week 2, I told Emmanuel the truth – I hated working out, I hated waking up early and was struggling all weekend as to whether to cancel my year commitment and go month to month. The only reason I kept coming was that Emmanuel was so positive, genuine and non-judgmental (and because I had already paid for the month!)

    I have worked out in the past for an hour a day on the elliptical for months and not had the all over results that I’ve had in 30 minutes @ 3 times a week with Emmanuel. I still can’t believe it! I’ve lost 13 inches, 5% body fat and lost 11 pounds in fat weight in a month. His expertise is evident in the development of a compact and effective fitness program. I also love his enthusiasm for his clients and building the best business for them.

    I have no hesitation now in my decision to sign up with Emmanuel for a year. I feel better (mentally and physically). The bonus is that the money for training is not much more than I was spending on takeout, drinks and new clothes because my old ones were not fitting anymore.

    Also, Cira is a awesome addition. She has been so helpful and responsive to make sure my weigh ins and appointments are scheduled quickly.

    “I've lost 13 inches, 5% body fat and lost 11 pounds...”
    Tricia Z.

    1-1Three weeks into Fit Camp, I am still loving the classes; it is everything I was looking for in terms of changing up my routine and getting a full-body workout. It also made me realize that having a running routine wasn’t bringing me anywhere close to the level of fitness that I would like to maintain. Although how I feel in the long run is more important to me than how I look or numbers, I did lose 4.85% body fat in the first 2 weeks (while eating well but not to any ascetic degree). And after gaining a pound in the first 2 weeks (muscle? I don’t know but hopefully!), I now weigh one pound less than when I started Fit Camp. My endurance during the workouts has definitely improved since the first week, so to me that’s exciting progress. I look forward to each class and to continuing a program that I know I can stick with over the long-term.

    “I did lose 4.85% body fat in the first 2 weeks”
    Katie H.

    Ashley F.
    Washington, DC

    After one month of boot camp, I lost 9.38% body fat. I lost so much I had to get a new wedding dress because the seamstress said there was too much to take in! I wasn’t shocked by this because Emmanuel pushes your body further than you ever thought it could go. Every work out is different and he never over exercises a specific muscle set. Your body gets a surprise every day when you walk into boot camp — whether it’s core day, total body, running, hills, or burpee…after burpee…after burpee. Every class is fun and I got to know the girls in the class well. We formed a bond over the month and pulled together to support eachother when we needed it most.

    I cannot recommend Emmanuel and FitCamp DC enough. The numbers speak for themselves! If you’re a bride to be, just make sure your dress is one size smaller than you think you need because you WILL need it!

    Andy B.

    The fit camp Emmanuel puts us through is intense. However, through Emmanuel’s motivating & engaging techniques & personality, it makes a very challenging hour of boot camp, fun. I have definitely seen results in my overall cardio performance & endurance, having run a 5K recently faster than I have in the past couple years without even training specifically for the race. I leave each team-centric class feeling accomplished and better off than I was before. Thanks Emmanuel! -AB

    Rob M.
    Issaquah, WA

    Was visiting DC for week, staying in Georgetown, with a small gym on the hotel. Given limited nature of gym at hotel and crossfit workouts every morning at home, I searched for crossfit nearby, with no luck (as nearest was a few miles away). Emmanuel’s reviews and proximity to hotel led me schedule PT with him in the mornings, with a request to keep it outside if possible with the goal of emulating my crossfit workouts.

    So he completely crushed it! His routines provide a terrific workout with significant diversity, many of them harder than a typical crossfit workout. Would definitely suggest him for anybody serious about fitness, whether local or visiting. On the latter, I was surprised how quickly he sized up my specific level of fitness and tailored it accordingly, as it was definitely not a typical PT session with a set agenda.

    Thanks Emmanuel!

    Jessica B.
    Washington, DC

    I started bootcamp last week, Monday thru Friday from 6am-7am with Charles. So far I am loving it. The class is small so there is a lot of individual attention. Charles mixes up each class to keep the body challenged. I’ve already shown improvement on my fitness test and can feel my body getting tighter. Weather permitting, we work out outside at the georgetown waterfront. It’s great and I enjoy being done with my work out before starting my busy day. I will post my results after my 4 weeks is up. I’m getting married in December and plan on continuing this class up until the wedding (and probably after).

    Cara B.
    Washington, DC

    Um, YES. Emmanual brought me from 170 lbs (heaviest I’d ever been) down to my current weight- 136. And the majority of that came off while I was under his regimented training. Emmanual not only kicks your @$$ into shape, but he teaches you the valuable lessons you’ll need to maintain the weight you want and keep off that flab for GOOD. And he does NOT let you wuss out. If you’re dedicated to yourself, he’s dedicated to you. He won’t let you let yourself go if you put your trust in him.

    They should bottle this guy up and sell him as the new diet fad. The one that WORKS.

    I’d buy a CASE.

    This ad not paid for by AmericaForEmmanual.

    Catherine P.
    Arlington, VA

    This is by far the best Fit Camp I’ve ever been to. I picked a package where I would do 4 classes a week and literally felt better after week 1. The class keeps you accountable. Day one you take a fit test, have body measurements, and you have to keep a food diary. As time goes on you continue to take the fit test and you can seriously see how much better you are getting even after one week.

    The workouts are tough!!! But everything can be tailored to different fitness levels so honestly anyone can do it. They also get increasingly difficult over time, which allows your body to adapt.

    The trainers are fantastic, the location is fantastic – so worth the money!!! It’s like having a personal trainer without all the cost and you get to make some friends along the way (it’s better to go through it in groups!). Grab a friend and sign up now!!

    Anna L.
    Washington, DC

    I got a groupon for 5 sessions with Emmanuel and I’m sad to see my sessions at an end. Emmanuel is fantastic – he pushes you to your limit, but listens to your needs and makes sure that you don’t injure yourself. After just 5 sessions, I’ve already shed body fat and trimmed down a few inches. He’s great to work with and genuinely cares about your health and success.

    Jaeeun C.
    Springfield, VA

    I train one on one with Emmanuel three times a week. Since I have started training with him, I feel stronger, less tired every day, and leaner. Emmanuel is not only a trainer but also an expert in everything related to your fitness, and a friend. He will make you laugh, but he will also make you curse like a pirate pushing yourself to the limit. I also really like that he builds a unique fitness program for each of his clients based on their lifestyle and body type. No one size fits all! Working out with him means that you won’t risk injuries since he will immediately identify any risks related to your posture and body response. I know that I will also take what he has taught me and apply it forever. His method works and there is no doubt about it!

    K P.
    Arlington, VA

    After one month, both my strength and endurance increased. To be honest, I was surprised to my fitness ability only after 3 weeks and with Emmanuel’s motivation, I was able to push myself to the next level. If you need to jump start your fitness routine, try Emmanuel’s fit camp!

    Katy R.
    Arlington, VA

    Emmanuel is the BEST there is! First and foremost, he knows his stuff! From fitness to nutrition he is at the top of his game. I started working with him a year ago at Fit camp in the month leading up to my wedding. I had already lost 8 lbs when I joined Fit Camp, and tightened and toned the whole month long. So much so that my seamstress was still taking in my wedding dress the day before my wedding! I cam back a little less than a year later for some one-on-one sessions and he kicked my butt! Emmanuel is a great motivator, trainer, and person. It would be a mistake to train with anyone else!

    Laura T.
    Washington, DC

    Emmanuel’s bootcamp is fantastic. Emmanuel is super motivating and very aware of your fitness level. He is patient in demonstrating the proper way to do an exercise and guides you to success. This bootcamp leaves you sweaty, sore, and feeling the burn. It’s a results-driven bootcamp, so you know you’re going to look and feel great by the end of it. You’re loosing pounds, but gaining muscle, endorphins, and friendships. Two thumbs way up to Emmanuel and his fabulous bootcamp!

    Nancy C.
    Arlington, VA

    Emmanuel is the best! I did 12 personal training sessions with him to learn about strength training, get more toned, and learn about fitness. My first session, I went home and I could barely move my body for 3 hours but in a good way! Emmanuel really pushes me to my edge and I became fitter and stronger during my sessions. I also learned what I had to do when I wasn’t at the gym to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately my work schedule conflicts with the time that he is available to train so I was not able to continue my sessions. I definitely learned a lot and would highly recommend him if you want to kickstart your way into being fitter, more toned, and healthier! Only thing I would suggest is more available time!!! Thanks for everything!

    Lizzy L.
    Washington, DC

    After completing my first month with Body Sculpting, I lost 9% body fat and over 5 inches! I wasn’t as good about sticking to his eating plan as I should have been, so I can only imagine my results had I done so. We also re-took a fitness challenge that we completed at the beginning of the month. I was able to do twice as may reps in the same amount of time, so I know my strength and endurance have at least doubled. Very excited about my results. I am halfway through my second month now and will be signing on for my third very shortly.

    Patrick P.
    Fishers, IN

    I’m 10 days into a two-month program with Emmanuel. I arrived in DC to take a sabbatical to write and get in shape after working in some stressful jobs in Thailand for 16 years. I looked around in New York, DC, and a few other cities where I could spend these few months, and decided to go with Emmanuel after reviewing his website and having a conversation with him about my goals and his approach to personal training.

    I knew I would not do well with the “Biggest Loser” type of drama – I didn’t want someone yelling at me or shaming me. Rather, I wanted technical help on what exercises I need to do, what food I need to eat, and when. Emmanuel assured me that all this was possible and that he would be strict but not mean.

    Now, having completed four sessions with Emmanuel, I’m well on my way! He provided me with a meal plan, recipes, and guidelines of when to eat relative to when I’m exercising and sleeping. This part of the program has prompted a much-needed change in mindset: it is forcing me to deliberately plan out my meals and my daily schedule, and in this short time I have changed my habits from grabbing a sandwich or a pizza for dinner because I haven’t planned to knowing when I wake up, what I’m going to eat for the day. The weight is already starting to drop, I’m sleeping well, and generally feel great (if a bit sore).

    On the exercise end, one of my biggest concerns going into this was being injured. I have slipped discs in my back and some joint pain that are often aggravated with intense exercise. During our first sessions, Emmanuel went over the information I sent him from my medical records and rolled out a set of exercises to correct the muscle imbalance that has resulted from these injuries. As we went through them, at least twice when I said something was painful, he took a look at my form and had me do a quick correction (“land on your heel, not your toe;” “turn your elbow out slightly”) and I was good to go. After just a week, I’ve moved past the corrective stuff and am now busy with the cardio / upper body / lower body workouts.

    My quick progress was possible because Emmanuel took the time and effort to personalize my training program. For example, his general guidelines on nutrition encourage a “cheat night” to eat whatever you want. As we talked about my lifestyle, Emmanuel took my cheat night away. (Don’t let his friendliness fool you – he’s also very tough.) He explained the rationale for this: my metabolism might benefit from having whatever I want one night per week, but I have a bigger problem with being in the habit of just grabbing whatever sounds good at the moment, and so it’s more important to break that habit first. This included a strict beverage rule: no diet coke, no alcohol, only water (and an occasional black coffee). As soon as he explained this, I knew he was right and it has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

    My final goal is to lose 50 pounds from what my start weight was, to be cooking healthy food for myself 75% of the time (and knowing what to order when I go out), to steadily increase muscle definition and strength, and to finish an Olympic-distance triathlon in 2015 in under three hours. (Previous time = 3.5 hours). By the time I finish with Emmanuel at the end of November, I should be 75% there.

    Gabriel L.
    London, United Kingdom

    I have one on one sessions with Emmanuel. Before I started the sessions I had never been to a gym before and was a bit intimidated to start trying to get in shape. After 2 months I feel great and have hit all the goals that emmanuel and I had discussed. Since working with him I feel healthier and he has helped me to quit smoking. I highly recommend one on one sessions with Emmanuel for anybody, in any shape.

    Carol B.
    Washington, DC

    Emmanuel is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I was especially interested in strength and resistance training. I’ve been working with Emmanuel for almost two months. In this time I have lost fat, increased my strength and toned by body overall. He is very encouraging and pushes me to reach or exceed my limits. It’s not been easy but the results have been remarkable and I have never felt better. Go for it!

    Jacqueline R.
    Washington, DC

    I purchased a package of personal training sessions under the Gilt City promotion. Currently in my fifth week, I am very pleased with not only the results (I’ve lost half a dress size), but also the process. Unlike other gyms, BSBE offers an integrated program (i.e., eating plan, workout schedule, and reading material). Also, at BSBE, I don’t feel like just a number. My personal trainer knows me by name, designs my workouts, encourages and pushes me, reviews my food logs, and takes my measurements. As a middle-aged woman who had gained alot of weight over the years, I had lost hope that I could look and feel good again and was discouraged by exercise classes marketed solely to younger, fit people. Through this program, I’ve learned that diet and exercise CAN work for me with the help of a trainer who will tailor a program to my age and fitness level.

    Jennifer L.
    Vienna, VA

    I have been working with Emmanuel for a little under a month, I was intrigued by his description and reviews so I took the plunge and bought a GILT city promo for 12 sessions. At first I was a little apprehensive because I was headed to Georgetown from the burbs of VA, had to find parking and fit this into days with work and 2 kids…let me just say TOTALLY WORTH ALL THE TIME, Emmanuel has been GREAT. I just had a second C-section and really need to rebuild my core strength ( for reference I was an athlete, crossfit lover and did bar workouts through both my pregnancies but 2 C-sections really jacked me up) and while weight loss is always something I want post baby I am also nursing so I did not want to dump a huge amount of toxic fat into my milk , Emmanuel listened to all my concerns and built a program tailored to my needs. So far in just under 4 weeks I have lost 6 lbs and ~5% body fat and all my measurements have gone down, more importantly for me I feel stronger and notice the difference when I am doing my daily activities and chasing after my kids which is the best compliment I can give. Emmanuel always listens and takes any concerns you have seriously, there have been a few sessions where we had to ease up and others where I feel really good and we push, I would not hesitate especially if you are like me and working post baby ( I can only imagine what my fat/weight loss results would be if I were not nursing). I am about to sign up for 12 more sessions to keep working on the imbalances I have. Again I cannot say enough good things about Emmanuel, he really does care about you the person not you the number !!

    Kayleigh H.
    Arlington, VA

    As someone who works out on a regular basis, I was having trouble pushing my fitness to the next level. That is, until I found Emmanuel’s classes at Sports Club LA. Emmanuel’s teaching and training style was just what I needed – he pushes you to the next level and helps you obtain fitness goals that you didn’t think possible. I have seen my body tone up in ways that my old routine never could have achieved. Emmanuel’s training is challenging, yes, but is also fun and rewarding. You’ll see results faster than you thought possible!

    Cyra C.
    Miami Beach, FL

    I’ll be writing a three part review of my experience with BSBE. A little background: I’m a mid-forties woman with a sedentary lifestyle diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that attacks all my joints. I used to be athletic but in the last decade I’ve put on about 40% of my normal body weight. The challenge is to drop the fat, build strength and maximize mobility. I have no idea how to do this because I’ve never had to deal with an autoimmune issue before. My consultation with Emmanuel was thorough, he took copious notes, checked out my form on some basic exercises and was confident that he could come up with a plan to help me. So far so good. I’ll update my review in five weeks. If I can be helped, other people with AI disorders that are struggling for a way to remain fit also have hope.

    Kate B.
    Washington, DC

    I had always been an athlete and really into working out but I still wasn’t at the fitness level I wanted to achieve and I had some areas I wanted to tone. I began working with Emmanuel and everything got really tight and firm and my strength and endurance became so much better. He is very motivational and he will push you to your limits. I have had the opportunity to work with several trainers and he is by far the best. I guess that is why he got voted DC’s #1 Personal Trainer.

    Trisha G.
    Arlington, VA

    I started bootcamp with Emmanuel last week and this boot camp is like no other one offered in the area. Every class is completely different then the last, keeping us all motivated to keep coming and working out. Emmanuel is a great teacher, giving personalized attention and modifying work outs as needed. The class is high energy and leaves you feeling great!!! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks have in store but if they are anything liek the fi rst one, I will be sad to see my session on fit camp end.

    Maureen White

    Emmanuel is the best trainer I have ever had! and I have had a lot over the years. He has a great ability to motivate me – to try harder, to push myself further and to break through barriers that I never thought I could do. I am lifting more weight, doing deeper lunges, holding plank much longer – than I could have imagined. He tailors everything to my particular body and has improved my posture and balance. I encourage anyone to try him!

    Marissa M.
    Arlington, VA

    I’ve been in Emmanuel’s Fit Camp for 2 weeks now and it’s been AMAZING! I’ve never done a boot camp or even taken a fitness class before so I definitely walked into this a little apprehensive and unsure what to expect. Emmanuel put me completely at ease. The class is small which allows for plenty of one-on-one, and everyone in the class is supportive of one another. He shows modified moves for each exercise, yet pushes you, in a positive and upbeat way, to do your best. He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the correct position you should be in for each exercise to maximize effectiveness and avoid hurting yourself.

    I would recommend this class for anyone, no matter your fitness level.

    Going above and beyond: I missed a few classes because I was sick and Emmanuel called me to make sure I was ok and wasn’t giving up on the class.

    Thanks, Emmanuel!